wood nymphs aka giggle fairies

While I write this the wood nymph walked by, smiled and said: “Hello, beautiful.”

At Omega there are two fairies that roam around, they giggle continuously and they take care of all of the flowers here at Omega.

One of the fairies looks like Pocahontas with butt-length hair, she is always smiling with huge pearly white teeth, mocha colored skin, she is very giggly and kind, and she is the fairy that teaches the Munay yoga class. The other fairy has bright red hair with milky white skin, she giggles all of the time as well, and always seems to be in her own world.

The fairies also spread their love in other creative manners around campus, there’s a manifestation jar with paper and pens, so that you can manifest whatever you want and then put it into their with feathers decorated jar that is inside of a wooden bird-cage. The fabulous beings have also placed a gratitude tree near the sanctuary, you can write down what you’re grateful for on an ornament which you can then hang in the tree. Yesterday, in honor of the new moon, they placed a moon with little notes hanging from them, you could grab the one thing that you need, varying from radiance to genius to brilliance.

Munay yoga, is a calm, but effective yoga class, which is very much focussed on feeling beautiful. During the yoga class we get to grab an animal card which has an explanation. I picked a ladybug, which represents abundance and this is, according to the card, flowing my way. At the end of the class she placed a note which we saw upon opening our eyes after meditation:
You are beautiful just as you are, the only thing you need to change about yourself are the thoughts that you aren’t good enough.
With a beautiful flower placed along side of the note.

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  1. khmmm..maybe i have a few around here, too. is it possible that my nymphs are whispering that i really don’t have to practice yoga when it’s still cold?

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