we love bacteria

It seems as though most people nowadays are terrified of bacteria. There are anti-bacterial plentitudes for sale in grocery stores and drug stores. Doctors are prescribing antibiotics much too frequently, often as a prevention, not even a cure. Cows are injected with antibiotics and hormones that in turn kill our good and bad bacteria in our bodily systems. This is not good.

Bacteria are a good thing, there is no need to use chemicals in your home to clear out the bacteria. The cleaning products themselves are much worse for you than the bacteria. People with allergies and asthma probably have ultra clean homes. There are a plentitude of harmless cleaning products out there, at your local organic grocery store, or you can use the magical combination of vinegar and (baking) soda to clean your home.

Good bacteria are important in our gut, we need them to help us digest our food. These bacteria are killed in your body by alcohol, processed foods, too much sugar, etc. You can add these bacteria back to your body by eating fermented foods such as (non-heated) sauerkraut, miso, apple cider vinegar, pickled anything, yoghurt, kefir, tempeh, and more. Organic variations are the best. Eating fermented foods after a meal does miracles for your digestion. No need to buy Activia or something like that, because they load their product with sugar which as stated before kills the bacteria. Also many of the prepacked sauerkrauts or miso have been heated (pasteurized) which kills the good bacteria, try and find some that are non-heated or make it yourself!

I refuse to take antibiotics, especially if it’s a preventative thing, I haven’t gotten sick because of refusing. Don’t listen to me and not take antibiotics, though, I don’t want anything to happen to you, I just want you to think a little for yourself and not take everything specialists say for granted. I just know that for me nothing bad has happened by not taking them after small surgeries.

Don’t be afraid of germs, they aren’t too bad. Also, I never get sick! If you eat a balanced diet without (too much) processed foods your body won’t get sick from the viruses going around during flu seasons. Also, you need to exercise of course. Don’t wash away the good bacteria from your skin, teeth, hands or be afraid of them as we are a team, our body works together with the bacteria in our process of digestion.

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