the air quality this day

The sky in Shanghai taken a couple of weeks ago.
The sky in Shanghai taken a couple of weeks ago.

It’s a good day for Shanghai. Don’t look at these numbers as a general consensus for these cities, I just looked at the air quality for today. Shanghai can be much, much worse, or better, and so can the other cities.

Air quality today:
Shanghai: 70 – moderate
Beijing: 238 – very bad
New York City: 105 – bad
Amsterdam: 23 – good

Since being in Shanghai I have been concerned about the quality of the air here. When I was sick, for example, my cough would get much worse if I were to be outdoors. Oftentimes the sun won’t be able to penetrate through the layers of smog, although it might just seem that way to me.

When the air quality is very bad, as it is in Beijing today, they advise you to wear a piece to cover your mouth and nose. I haven’t part-taken in this mainly Asian custom.

The first time I ever became worried about the air quality was when I was living in New York City and I would ride my bicycle across the Williamsburg bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan. This ‘healthy’ bike-ride didn’t seem as healthy while crossing the bridge due to all of the fumes I would be inhaling on the bridge. I would generally cover my face with my scarf, unless it was some time in the summer when it would be too hot to cover basically any part of the body due to the humidity in the city.

When you’re living in a city and you want a breath of fresher air; just head to a park and soak up whatever the trees are breathing out into the air.

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  1. I heard rumors the Chinese don’t wear a cover over the mouth and nose to protect themselves against the bad air – no they try to protect other people against them being sick..

    If true, it’s an ironical climax..

    But then I realize if I try to flee it all and take my car to drive away I’m an ironical bastard also 🙁

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