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hello, again, holland

We made it back! Alive and well. Phew! The steep (very) windy (very) roads back were a challenge, but we pulled through. The stop in Germany at the castle was a delight. A drastic change in temperature for us, though – 30 Celsius in Zadar to 10 Celsius in the mountains in Germany, thankfully we had a heater in the caravan.

This weekend we will be selling ice-cream one last time at an event in Amsterdam, at a cultural center. Hopefully it will be blistering hot inside, and people will want to eat ice-cream. Then the ice-cream business will over for the season.

Now we’re back in the country where I was born, it’s rather cold and rainy which is a bit of a drag and it will take some time to get used to.
No I’m in need of figuring out what to do in the cold months ahead, and where to do this chosen thing.

burg rabeneck

We made it to Germany – what a trip that was. When we mapped out our route along the way in Slovenia, we decided to bypass the toll-roads. This was a good idea, except for the fact that we had chosen a road that wasn’t caravan friendly. I will not go into details, but it was quite the adventure, and eventually we took a different route; via Italy.

Now we are in Germany, at castle Rabeneck – Sebastiaan is friends with the owners of the castle. Norman has owned this castle since the 1970s, and has fixed it up, as when he bought the Rabeneck it was a ruin, and now he rents out the three rooms to guests. The large dining hall is often rented out to larger groups for wedding parties and such.

The forest around the castle is beautiful, autumn has arrived by now, and it is thus raining, but the trees look especially nice in the autumn, there are many Beech nut trees, and the Beech nuts can be picked off of the ground and whenever it stops raining we head out and take nice long walks. The air is so fresh and clean here, breathing is such a treat. Breathing is something we don’t usually think of, but here we are constantly reminded due to the pure air.

This time is election season in Germany, and yesterday the Germans got to vote for their district, which Norman did as well, the district here is Bayern – his wife Dagmar is Czech, so she didn’t get to vote for the German elections. The CDU is the largest party in this district. Next Sunday the Germans get to vote for the national elections. Now I am curious as to what the results of the national elections will be.

Tomorrow early we will head back to Holland. It’s raining there as well, so there is not much difference between where we are now, and where we are headed.

bok, croatia

Bok means hello and goodbye in Croatian.

Croatia has been good to us, stunning sea-side views, free camping spots, some of the most friendly people I’ve ever come across, beautiful and delicious local produce, honey, olive oil, and so much more. Croatia is to me a lovely mixture between Eastern Europe and Italy, even the accent seems to me to be phonetically a mixture between the two. The lovely small streets, Mediterranean sea, and olive trees galore have pleased my eyes on this trip. Ice-cream isn’t selling at all since recent days, and it’s about time for us to head back up to the rainy north.

We have thus far slowly driven from Zadar to Rijeka, and are about to head to Trieste in Italy, which is 80 kilometers from here. I have been to Trieste once before when I was on a road trip with my brothers Henjo and Morgan, and I remember it to be quite lovely. Our goal is to drive approximately 300 kilometers every day, so after Trieste we will drive another 220 kilometers today and, hopefully, make it all the way to Austria. Where I broke my leg while skiing when I was ten and a half. The half was very important at that time, and I remember the doctor as well my father laughing because of the importance in my tone while saying the half part.

* Bok doesn’t officially mean goodbye, but it is often used to say goodbye.

current location: slunj, croatia

Hello everyone! I’m still alive and kicking!

Sebastiaan and I have been busy selling the ice cream as well as pizza, smoothies, fruit salad, gazpacho and healthy soups.

Along the way we find great little fruit and vegetable stands that are great and have loads of fresh and home grown produce. Amazing!

We are traveling around with our caravan, it is equipped with most anything; an oven, stove, refrigerator, blender, an office, a toilet, a beamer to watch movies and an internet connection if available wherever we are if they sell sim cards with 3G internet. So it’s a great way to live in this small moveable home.

The solar power is great! We have a converter for the solar panel because the panel is actually meant for larger energy than just a freezer and a caravan so that the freezer gets the correct power. Sebastiaan is thankfully technically inclined, which I am not. I am generally the chef of the foods and the ice cream.

At the moment we are at a festival in Slunj where we are providing the smallest camping area with our food. The weather is great, not as sunny as other places but the freezer can be without power for 42 hours. Loads of great people from all over the place and we brought two Norwegian girls with us from Gracac who are brilliant and great company.

Some overdue photos:

Caravan and fold up bicycle
Caravan and fold up bicycle
Another view in Croatia
Another view in Croatia
Beautiful view in Croatia
Beautiful view in Croatia
Our car with the caravan
Our car with the caravan
Dutch flag at the festival in Gracac
Dutch flag at the festival in Gracac