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hello, again, holland

We made it back! Alive and well. Phew! The steep (very) windy (very) roads back were a challenge, but we pulled through. The stop in Germany at the castle was a delight. A drastic change in temperature for us, though – 30 Celsius in Zadar to 10 Celsius in the mountains in Germany, thankfully we had a heater in the caravan.

This weekend we will be selling ice-cream one last time at an event in Amsterdam, at a cultural center. Hopefully it will be blistering hot inside, and people will want to eat ice-cream. Then the ice-cream business will over for the season.

Now we’re back in the country where I was born, it’s rather cold and rainy which is a bit of a drag and it will take some time to get used to.
No I’m in need of figuring out what to do in the cold months ahead, and where to do this chosen thing.

bok, croatia

Bok means hello and goodbye in Croatian.

Croatia has been good to us, stunning sea-side views, free camping spots, some of the most friendly people I’ve ever come across, beautiful and delicious local produce, honey, olive oil, and so much more. Croatia is to me a lovely mixture between Eastern Europe and Italy, even the accent seems to me to be phonetically a mixture between the two. The lovely small streets, Mediterranean sea, and olive trees galore have pleased my eyes on this trip. Ice-cream isn’t selling at all since recent days, and it’s about time for us to head back up to the rainy north.

We have thus far slowly driven from Zadar to Rijeka, and are about to head to Trieste in Italy, which is 80 kilometers from here. I have been to Trieste once before when I was on a road trip with my brothers Henjo and Morgan, and I remember it to be quite lovely. Our goal is to drive approximately 300 kilometers every day, so after Trieste we will drive another 220 kilometers today and, hopefully, make it all the way to Austria. Where I broke my leg while skiing when I was ten and a half. The half was very important at that time, and I remember the doctor as well my father laughing because of the importance in my tone while saying the half part.

* Bok doesn’t officially mean goodbye, but it is often used to say goodbye.

finding free camping spots in croatia

We are driving along the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea, our windows are open which makes our hair blow in the breeze and music is blasting from the speakers. Kuchi, the cat, is on my lap, Sebastiaan is driving our Seat Inca with our home, the caravan, which is being pulled behind the car – we are searching for a spot to spend the day and night as close as possible to the rocky beaches of Croatia, but it needs to be an area where the cat can roam around in nature, and thus spots that are close to a busy road are not an option.

We finally find a road off of the beaten path and we decide to walk to down the path to see if it’s a good place to set up camp. We pass a beautiful old brick church along the way, and I climb up to the window to see if there is anything inside, but it’s too dark for me to see. I decide I need to come back with a flashlight to investigate the inside. We walk along the rocky road, and we begin to see some good spots that are large enough for us to park both the car as well as the caravan, we keep walking further down the path to see if there’s an entrance to the sea from here. We eventually find a little path that seems to be headed towards the water, we decide to check it out to be sure it indeed leads to a spot where we can get into the water, we pass sharp bushes and branches while walking down this small path, and eventually we see the glistening water; the view is stunning from here, there are many sailboats on the water and there are mountains on the other side. There are large rocks in front of us, so we will need to climb over them to be able to get into the water, but we don’t see this as a problem, we will just have to wear shoes to climb the rocks before we jump in. We are excited about this spot, and we decide to walk back to get the car, caravan & cat and park here for the night.

That evening a group of three Belgian people ask us if we are camping here, they are searching for a spot to set up camp as well and we inform them that we indeed are camping here for the night and tell them that there is a good spot a little while up the road. We join them later that evening, after sunset, they cooked some food, we drank some beers, and we chatted about the travels in Croatia.

This is one example of how we find spots to sleep while traveling through Croatia, there have been many other spots, mainly in nature. The only downside of these spots has been the abnormally large amount of mosquitos that keep us up all night – we wake up in the mornings with about 10-20 bites. The only spot where we were nearly mosquito free was on the parking lot of the Lidl (German discounter) grocery store – not the fanciest nor quaintest spot, but the sleep was the best in days.