one week, four cities

The drive-by-tourism that I mentioned earlier is not an unnecessary luxury for me these days, as I will be two days in these three cities: Delhi, Bombay and Hong Kong after which I will settle in Shanghai.

The focus of Delhi was to take a day trip to Agra and see the Taj Mahal; I skipped that and will have to save it for my next trip to India.

Bombay had been planned far in advance as I needed a ticket out of the country and I figured Bombay was a logical city of departure. I am here now and couch-surfing at a friend who is a director of Bollywood films. This arrangement was set up by my Dutch friends that I got to see after years in Dharamkot which was so great!

My stay in Hong Kong has but one goal, which is getting my visa for Choina.

Then off to Shanghai to stay with big brother Henjo and his girlfriend Selma for quite a while.

One week, four crazy busy cities. I might need a relaxing cup of tea upon arrival from my brothers lovely tea set (which I think he bought at this market).

Good-bye, India. I will miss you. A lot. But I will be back, I promise.

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  1. Aww…farewell India…we can go see the Taj Mahal together one day:) Can’t wait to hear about China! Love you lady! Safe Travels as always.

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