omega adventure

Next week I will be departing on a seven week Omega adventure! I will work and live at the institute, and during my time there I will get to study and enjoy the beautiful nature during my free time.

The Omega Institute is an institute of holistic education, there are many different workshops given there varying from spirituality to sustainability, and much more. Many people from all around the country (and world?) go to Omega for a short period of learning and relaxing. There is much to do and see, and I am utterly in love with the concept.

I’m very excited to be joining the part-time staff! There are approximately 200 people working at the Omega Institute as part-time staff and I very much look forward to meeting them. I will be working as faculty staff, which entails that I will be hostess for the many teachers that will stay the week/weekend, making sure they have all they need and everything goes according to plan.

My work-days will be from Thursday to Sunday, which means I will have the rest of the days off to learn, explore, deepen my yoga practice, meditate, learn about sustainability, eat organic and vegetarian food, go on hikes, socialize with fellow part-time students.

Of course, I will share with you things I encounter or learn along the way.

Want to check out the website? Omega Institute

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “omega adventure”

  1. Hi dearest El!

    That sounds awesome. In which country is this institute? At the moment I am stayong at a yoga institute studying naturopathy. So I can image you’re looking forward to it! Enjoy and live your fullest Minty….


    1. Sweet Ashley,

      The institute is in Rrinebeck which is located upstate New York. Beautiful nature!
      Woa, I’m so impressed to read that you have been studying naturopathy, I would love to learn more about that.
      Have you been writing about this on your blog?


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