hello, again, holland

We made it back! Alive and well. Phew! The steep (very) windy (very) roads back were a challenge, but we pulled through. The stop in Germany at the castle was a delight. A drastic change in temperature for us, though – 30 Celsius in Zadar to 10 Celsius in the mountains in Germany, thankfully we had a heater in the caravan.

This weekend we will be selling ice-cream one last time at an event in Amsterdam, at a cultural center. Hopefully it will be blistering hot inside, and people will want to eat ice-cream. Then the ice-cream business will over for the season.

Now we’re back in the country where I was born, it’s rather cold and rainy which is a bit of a drag and it will take some time to get used to.
No I’m in need of figuring out what to do in the cold months ahead, and where to do this chosen thing.

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