first impressions of omega

I have arrived, and it’s wonderful!

So far I have been doing lots of yoga, getting to know my fellow seasonal staff-ers, enjoyed a shamanic music experience, meditated, got settled in, learned about the mission and values of Omega, and of course had my first day of work.

The people here are lovely, there are many seasonal staff-ers, I believe there’s about 60 of us, and the people I have met are great and all seem to have an amazing story of why they are here, how they got here or goals in the future.

On arrival day the weather was beautiful and sunny, it was the perfect day to explore and acclimate to the surroundings. We are in the middle of beautiful nature, there is a large lake. Spring has just popped out here, the leaves on the trees are nearly filling the space, lots of the trees are in bloom and many plants are as well. Just walking around this place creates a calmness inside.

It will rain a lot here in the Hudson Valley, actually while I write this it’s raining out.

My work at Omega is supporting the faculty; hundreds of teachers come to Omega every year and the team that I work for supports the teachers in their every needs. Today was my first day of work and there is a lot of detail that goes into this particular position, it’s so much fun! I walk around with a walkie-talkie and I drive around on a golf-cart. Bliss.

The food is amazing, it is all farm to table, which means extremely fresh and healthy local produce! It’s great not having to cook, but having a delicious buffet meal three times a day. There’s kale, collards, brussels sprouts at every meal, there’s hummus, beans, there was kitchari, porridge, beets, there’s always a salad bar. The list goes on!

It’s interesting to see the balance between living in community, and Omega being a business. It’s very down to earth and serious as one would expect, but then there’s the community aspect to it which is a more laid-back and new-age lifestyle. In my opinion the best of both worlds. I think my background and experience is why I was placed in the department that I was placed in since I can understand the business aspect to it very much.

Last week I had taken my first Jivamukti class at Union Square in NYC, and this week I got to meet the co-founders! We got to ask them any questions we wanted to and it was so inspirational to hear them speak to us.

More later, including photos, it has been a little overwhelming so far so I haven’t popped out my camera much.

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