female traveling solo

There are many bad things in the news about Indian females and female tourists being raped in India. This is of course scary, some of my lovely friends & family have been worried. This is how I deal with it:

When I travel by train I buy a ticket that is more expensive than the basic class, as then I have a greater chance of being safe. So far this has worked and I have been meeting very sweet Indian people on these occasions.

When I have to take a bus I request to be seated next to a female, or I get my own single sleeper bed.

In Mumbai the local trains have compartments specifically for women or men.

Nothing bad has happened so far, but I have to be cautious all of the time which can become a bit tiring, and – sadly – there have been moments where I have felt uncomfortable.

Basically I just have to spend more money to be safe, don’t shake any man’s hand as physical contact between men and women is not a usual thing here and stay on the beaten path.

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  1. Proud of you!! People warned me about going to India, so crazy this and that.. but in the end; it’s all in the eye of the beholder isn’t it?

  2. And always trust your “Spidey Sense”. You can feel when things aren’t right. And yes, always good to travel next to a grandmother, older lady.

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