eating insects

Honey Bee
Honey Bee

Eating insects is good for the environment. As a vegetarian, I have made the decision to eat insects. I guess now I’m a insectarian. Or something. We were at a restaurant called the Southern Barbarian recently and we ordered a plate full of Mealworms, Grasshoppers and Honeybees. Delicious! They are obviously fried to make them taste good and crunchy. The Mealworms are my favorite, but the Grasshoppers are nice and crunchy as well. The bees are a little bland.

Insects contain protein. This is good.

Why is eating insects good for the environment?
– Less feed is needed. For one kg of cow meat we need 10 kg of feed. For 10 kg of feed we can produce 9 kg of insects.
– Food inputs from waste. The waste from animals can be used to produce insects.
– Less greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are bad for our oxygen amongst other things, mkay.
– Saving water. Much water is needed to raise animals.
– Animal welfare. For the love of animals.
– Less risk of disease. Swine flu, bird flu, mad cow disease.

Eat insects, not meat.
While we’re at it: make love, not war.

3 thoughts on “eating insects”

  1. True that. If you’re not coming back soon I will probably hit a phony in the face or buy a really big car and drive like a maniac..

    Interesting it is how in some cultures insects are actually regarded as delicacy while my sister despises organic food because there might be worms in her salad. Then on the other hand in some cultures it’s normal to fuck your sister..

    I think I’ll stick with mushrooms for my protein 😉

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