daily update #47

I am a certified Yoga teacher!

Angela, Kranti & I
Angela, Kranti & I

The last month I:
– walked barefoot. A lot.
– gained much strength
– learned Pranayama breathing techniques
– have been such a happy vegetarian
– had pains in six of my joints
– became more flexible
– lost 7 kgs since leaving Brooklyn (!)
– gained friends
– detoxed
– sang many mantras
– had amazing meditation adventures
– learned about Ayurveda
– found out that I am a Pitta-Vata Dosha
– taught yoga classes
– learned some Sanskrit
– became even more excited about yoga
– fell more in love with the ocean
– ate loads of Ghee
– earned my certificate
– laughed. A lot.

What’s next? Gokarna.

11 thoughts on “daily update #47”

  1. Gefeliciteerd met je diploma EllenMinty!!!

    Vind het erg fijn om te zien dat je zo lekker aard daar in Goa.

    Keep the spirit alive!

    x Marty

    1. Thanks! Jaaa het is geweldig hier in Goa. Morgen door naar Gokarna. The spirit is definitely alive. Ik hoop dat met jou ook alles top is! Veel liefs, xoxoxo

  2. Whoehoee certificaat in de pocket!!! Gefeliciteerd elliebellie, ben trots op je!
    Hoop dat je het heerlijk hebt daar 🙂 Heel veel liefs en kusjes van je liefste zusje ( Mo natuurlijk) XXX

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