daily update #42

We have been learning a lot about Ayurvedic medicine.

These supplements are now a part of the Ayurvedic yoga diet, you can click on the herb for more information:
Aswagandha this is to restore the muscles and joints.
Neem for my skin and to keep mosquitos away (it works!).
Brahmi this is to stay alert and awake.

These have been added to my diet as well:
Ghee (clarified butter) for the joints.
– Flaxseed oil, also for joints.

– Turmeric, sandalwood and neem for my skin.

2 thoughts on “daily update #42”

  1. I’m gonna want to get some of that Neem stuff! sounds really good.. For Aswagandha we have Arnica, and coffee will do for Brahmi I suppose 🙂

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