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a look into different asana poses; learn along with me.

utkata konasana – goddess pose

The Goddess Pose, I figured this was the perfect pose to my ‘asana a day’ section of the website. I want to focus on an asana pose, and get deeper knowledge of the pose and figure out how I, and you, can do it right!

Utkata Konasana
oot-kah-tah cone-ah-suh-nah

– opens the hips, groin and chest as well as strengthen core
– strengthens the legs: quadriceps and inner thigh muscles
– strengthens upper body: shoulders, arms and upper back
– stimulates groin: the uro-genital system and pelvic floor
– heats the body and increases circulation

1. Stand in mountain pose (tadasana)
2. Separate feet wide, about the length of one of your legs and turn your toes out and heels in so your feet are at a 45 degree angle
3. Bend your knees deeply, try to keep your knees above your ankles to protect them from injury. Sink your hips down to the height of your knees (if possible)
4. Raise your arms at shoulder height and bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle
5. Engage your udiyana bandha (stomach lock) by engaging your core muscles and draw the tailbone down in the direction of the floor. Keep shoulders straight, spine long and keep engaging your muscles.

Watch your knees, your knees are so sensitive, so keep your knees straight above your ankles.

Remember that it’s all about getting into the pose, take your time and then remain here for about five breaths.

I found a photo of the image on the internet:
Utkata Konasana