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daily update #28

The yoga style at Kranti yoga is Ashtanga. Many people here already teach wherever they are from, so the days are quite rough indeed! I am getting used to life with 100% yoga & meditation (and a little bit of Goa beach life) for one month. So far so good.

A little something I’ve learned today:
The meaning of Pranayama

Prana = life force
Ayama = extension

Which entails life force extension through yogic exercises, such as breathing, to enhance the vitality of your body. We do this every morning at 6.30AM for an hour and I love it!

daily update #27

The yoga adventure has begun.

Yesterday I arrived at the Yoga Shala here in Patnem Beach, Goa. The first day we got acquainted with the other participants, we did some chanting, made offers to the fire, ate sweets and discussed our schedule of the week.

Today practice has begun. The classes start at 6.30AM, this is when we meditate and do breathing exercises. The second class starts at 8.30AM and this is where we practice Ashtanga yoga. Then we get to eat at around 10.40AM, finally as we are very hungry, and classes begin again at 12.30PM with Pranayama Introduction classes and Sanskrit classes. Then two hours of demonstration and alignment and then one more hour of yoga.

At 5.30PM we get to do whatever we want. Probably eat a lot of food and sleep a lot.

So far the meditation class was very nice and the yoga class was very difficult. It’s going to be a challenge for sure.


Mindfully Minty.

This doesn’t mean that my mind is full.

It does mean that I’m trying to use my mind to reach her maximum potential.



One thing I learned last week from my wise and sweet friend in the Netherlands is; to not assume anything, but research everything. And here I was thinking that I was so Mindfully Minty. Mind must be fuller. Fully. Mintyful.

daily update #21




Day one I:

-       relaxed.

-       practiced yoga.

-       got acquainted with my neighborhood Anjuna here in Goa.

-       got ‘poked’ in my ear with a needle with wax. God knows why he found it necessary to stick that thing in my ear. Fareek.

-       got complemented for my extremely white skin.

-       got harassed due to the fact that my skin is so terrifyingly white. My skin is shouting to all salesmen and women: I’M NEW TO INDIA!

-       drank Kingfisher beer.

-       ate real Indian food (duh). Vegetarian Dal Makhna.

-       learned that there is indeed a lot of Goa music in Goa.

-       made friends from New Delhi, Mumbai, Switzerland & Austria of which one is named Sandeep. Cool name. The Indian lads speak better English than the Europeans.

-       watched a Cricket match with my new Indian friends, although I find it a rather boring sport.

-       bought New Zealand Organic baby food consisting of blueberries and apples: delicious. Will try the sweet potato one next time. All of this for health reasons, gotta stay fit.

-       bought a ‘Goa broek’.

-       contemplated buying a ‘Goa kleed’.

One down, many more to go.