a month of mindfulness

Red Hook View Statue of Liberty & greenery - there is beauty all around.
Red Hook View while I was having dessert for lunch
Statue of Liberty & greenery – to show that beauty is indeed all around us.

I named this platform myself, and I named it ‘mindfullyminty’. This name is appropriate, because I have been searching for ways to live my life in a more mindful manner. Also, my younger brother nicknamed me Minty when we were little kids, and this name has stuck around ever since.

Although I have named this website mindfullyminty, this doesn’t mean that I have been living accordingly, with which I mean: mindful. Becoming mindful is a process and something I have noticed is that the ego, or our own sense of I, keeps tuning in.

Today is April 1st and this whole month I’m going to try and live my life in a mindful manner, which means that I am going to try and live in the now. I will try and notice the thoughts that arise, without interpreting them, per se I will let the thoughts be and come back to the present moment.

While this might sound easy, I think it won’t be as easy as it sounds. Our sense of self gets in the way in many aspects of our life, for example while we’re waiting in line at the grocery store, we will get impatient and want this line to be shorter, and other negative thoughts arise about the crying children. Instead of seeing this grocery store line as a wait, a nicer way to see this is as an opportunity to focus on the breath, or focus on whatever beautiful thing you see around you such as a smiling baby, or a hard working clerk, or the flowers that are for sale.

Another thing I want to do on a daily basis is take a walk and enjoy the view. Currently I am in Brooklyn, NY, and one would think there isn’t much beauty and splendor around, but anywhere you are, albeit in the slums, you are able to find beauty, you should be open to it, and really look around. The sun, the sky, the trees, the children, the flowers growing through the cracks of the pavement, the cute cafe’s where people are enjoying their coffee, there is so much beauty even in the spots where you think there isn’t beauty and I intend to notice it this month.

Wish me luck!

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