daily update #34


Pitta, Vata, Kapha
Pitta, Vata, Kapha

We had an Ayurveda class and found out our Doshas. In Ayurveda there are three types of people/ Doshas, or combinations of the three. I’m Pitta-Vata.

A little description of the types:
Pitta is grounded, organized, hard working with a medium sized physique. Vata is energetic, competitive with a small physique. Kapha is a bit slower, a dreamer, romantic with a larger physique/larger bone structure. There are negatives and positives for every type. There is obviously a lot more to it.

The goal is to get all of these Vedas balanced in your body, so I should eat things to bring my Pitta and Vata a bit down and my Kapha a bit up. There are also certain foods better and not as good for you to eat, but you can start to balance Pitta, Vata and Kapha in your meals.

One must also try to eat according to the types for certain times during the day:
The morning is Vata, so you must eat a light meal during this time. Afternoons are Pitta, you must eat your largest meal during this time (rice and ghee!). Evenings are Kapha and you must eat a light meal, like dal or soup.

If you’re interested, here or here is some more information, or just search for Pitta, Vata, Kapha in your search engine. There are also many Veda tests online.

I must say that I find a lot of the things within Ayurveda contradictory and will not live my life according to these principals alone, but I will definitely incorporate certain aspects.

daily update #

There was a puppy during our wind-down Yin yoga session.
We weren’t very mindful.
I also got stung by mosquito’s a little over 30 times total from last night and during classes today.

The little one is attempting downward facing dog.
The little one is attempting downward facing dog.
No focus today, clearly.
No focus today, clearly.

Yin yoga

I’m too obsessed with the puppy, taking photos during class. I will also take pictures during our intensive class when I’m observing the class, this is when I start to correct the poses of my fellow students.

daily update #32

This Ashtanga sequence I need to know by Monday and need to be able to do in three weeks. Some of them are impossible for me, so I use some sort of modification depending on the pose. Within one week I have improved my yoga so much that most of the poses are getting better and better! Sorry that the photo is blurry, I took the photo in class.

I am to know this Ashtsnga sequence
I am to know this Ashtanga sequence

daily update #28

The yoga style at Kranti yoga is Ashtanga. Many people here already teach wherever they are from, so the days are quite rough indeed! I am getting used to life with 100% yoga & meditation (and a little bit of Goa beach life) for one month. So far so good.

A little something I’ve learned today:
The meaning of Pranayama

Prana = life force
Ayama = extension

Which entails life force extension through yogic exercises, such as breathing, to enhance the vitality of your body. We do this every morning at 6.30AM for an hour and I love it!

daily update #27

The yoga adventure has begun.

Yesterday I arrived at the Yoga Shala here in Patnem Beach, Goa. The first day we got acquainted with the other participants, we did some chanting, made offers to the fire, ate sweets and discussed our schedule of the week.

Today practice has begun. The classes start at 6.30AM, this is when we meditate and do breathing exercises. The second class starts at 8.30AM and this is where we practice Ashtanga yoga. Then we get to eat at around 10.40AM, finally as we are very hungry, and classes begin again at 12.30PM with Pranayama Introduction classes and Sanskrit classes. Then two hours of demonstration and alignment and then one more hour of yoga.

At 5.30PM we get to do whatever we want. Probably eat a lot of food and sleep a lot.

So far the meditation class was very nice and the yoga class was very difficult. It’s going to be a challenge for sure.